About me

My name is Ross Lamb and I live and work in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.  I’ve worked in the local I.T. community for over 30 years in a variety of roles including software development and infrastructure support.  I am a graduate of Red River Community College (Electronics Technology) and the University of Manitoba (Computer Engineering) and I am a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Manitoba.

My work brings me into contact with a continuous stream of broken, cast off and obsolete technology that comes in all manner of colorful and fascinating shapes.  Sometime in 1996, I realized that these components could be transformed from toxic junk into interesting objects of art.

My first e-waste creation entitled “OS/2 Warped” was constructed from cast off communication equipment and a “fried” single-spin CD ROM and was reluctantly presented as a gift to my employer at the time (I tend to become emotionally attached to my work).  Since then, I have fashioned clocks, desk sets, inukshuks and other sculptures from my ever growing cache of e-waste.  Particularly fond of the shiny innards of failed hard drives, they frequently form the foundation of many of my pieces.

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